Homemade lemon meringue pie ❤

Hi Chumerinas!!

We have this really big old lemon tree in our back garden, so today I thought I’ll put those lemons to good use and make my very yummy lemon meringue pie! :):)


First slice YUM!!


Straight out of the oven!! :)

Good night and it’s almost weekend! Yay! ❤xoxo

Winter holidays ❤

Hi Chumerinas!

Hope you’re all having an absolutely amazing time wherever you are!! I just got home yesterday and it’s been absolutely amazing! Just having some family time by the fireplace, roasting marshmallows and eating some warm butternut soup, Yum! ❤


Our cosy little fireplace ❤

My 21st Birthday Weekend ❤

Hi Chumerinas!

It was my birthday recently and I thought I’d share some of the photos with you all :)

My best friends and I went out to dinner and it was amazeballs!! Here’s some of the deserts we had

50 Shade of Chocolate ❤

That was my desert but we also got some complimentary watermelon and ginger macaroons and homemade toffees and truffles, YUM!! If anyone ever comes to Stellenbosch I would definitely recommend going to Makaron Restaurant at Majeka House!

Macaroons, Truffles and Toffees ❤

The next day I had a Champagne Birthday Brunch. It was so much fun, but couldn’t take a lot of photos because silly billy me forgot to recharge the batteries! But non the less a brunch to remember!

The invites ❤

Some of the munchies ❤

Some more munchies ❤

Here’s just some more random pictures from the weekend :)

My Bestie ❤

Some more with my pics bestie ❤

At the brunch one of my closest friends ❤

Going to paint the town pink!❤

Yummy cocktails ❤

I hope you liked it and please feel free to comment/like :) would love to hear some comments or feedback! ❤